The first series of work vehicles "custom-made" designed


Our range of dumpers comes from the HyperMec philosophy focused on “custom-made” mechanical machining, where every stage of processing, from design to final testing, is carried out internally with craftsmanship by qualified professionals, using technologically advanced machinery and with the use of components from the best manufacturers.

Each HyperMec dumper is designed to give the customer a wide possibility of customization and to adapt to difficult working conditions, guaranteeing operator safety, reliability and productivity, thanks to performance superior to the generality of vehicles of the same type on the market.

Every HyperMec dumper is the safe investment in a reliable and long-lasting sort of co-worker.


Each dumper is the result of the work and involvement of the entire HyperMec team and its partners.

An idea born in the years of study at the Polytechnic of Turin and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm
This idea was first realized in a project with a high engineering content also
thanks to the contribution of strategic partners, and subsequently in a range of solid and well-built vehicles
in which emerges all the passion for mechanics and technical competence of HyperMec.
For the correct operation of the mechanics and to facilitate the replacement of wear components after years of use,
all components (including frames) are machined in the machine tool.

Each weld bead is sized to ensure mechanical tightness and is machined to obtain homogeneous surfaces.
Painting, in addition to its protective function, has an aesthetic value necessary to allow our customers
to create a prestigious image of your machinery and your company.


Hypermec's craftsmanship know-how has developed a series of work vehicles with unique technical characteristics in the sector.

To describe what HyperMec means by quality and attention to detail,
there is nothing better than a dialogue that took place some time ago
between a HyperMec Contributor and a student visiting the company.

S: “Why are you taking so much care to remove every slightest burr as a result of machining in the machine tool?”

C: “Imagine if, driving a luxury car, you were injured due to a burr left on the steering wheel…”

S: “But here you build industrial products that should be handled with gloves”

C: “Even a luxury car should be driven with gloves on but, if you don’t wear them,
you don’t have to feel anything but the pleasure of quality!”




Il rispetto dell’ambiente e la tutela del territorio sono due aspetti fondamentali del Programma di Responsabilità Sociale di HyperMec e si concretizzano in un processo produttivo caratterizzato da:
> zero impiego di solventi nel processo di verniciatura;
> utilizzo di impianti a ciclo chiuso per il trattamento ed il riciclo delle acque impiegate nelle fasi di lavorazione in macchina utensile e lavaggio;
>controllo, canalizzazione e filtrazione di tutte le emissioni in atmosfera.


Respect for the environment and the protection of the territory are two fundamental aspects of HyperMec's Social Responsibility Program. They are embodied in a production process characterized by:
> zero use of solvents in the painting process;
> use of closed cycle plants for the treatment and recycling of water used in the processing phases in machine tools and washing;
> control, channelling and filtration of all emissions into the atmosphere.