The Dumper Range


Taglia 40 S

Its width of only 1.55 m makes the model Taglia 40 S particularly suitable for use in small spaces, for example in cities or in the historic villages of Alpine villages.

A dumper with remarkable performances, considering its size. Very useful to never run into difficulties, even on the most rugged terrain.

Taglia 40

Work vehicle among the lightest ones, with an unladen mass of only 2,550 kg and performance from higher category dumpers, thanks to a capacity of 3,100 kg and a 35.5 kW engine.

The TAGLIA 40 is the best compromise between size, weight and performance, making it the ideal choice for those who want a dumper as versatile as possible, to be used in the city as in the riverbed.

Taglia 40 L

Power and kindness, apparently opposite characteristics that find their balance in the TAGLIA 40 L model.

Thanks to skid tyres, the weight distribution on the ground is homogeneous and uniform, preserving the integrity of the soil, and the traction is excellent, especially on softer soils.

The TAGLIA 40 L model is the ideal dumper for use on grassy and sandy soils.

Taglia 40 LT

The TAGLIA 40 LT model has a 44.0 kW turbo engine.
The injection of 25% more power than the TAGLIA 40 L, makes the TAGLIA 40 LT a dumper of compact size and extraordinary performance.

The TAGLIA 40 LT is the vehicle suitable for those who cannot give up the promptness of delivery, performance, and quietness typical of a turbo engine, combined with the handling of each TAGLIA 40 dumper.

Taglia 50

The TAGLIA 50 dumper is the ideal solution for those who have many and different construction site situations to be managed.

Robust thanks to a solid frame and oversized mechanics, powerful thanks to a 53.7 kW turbo engine, extremely stable thanks to a 183 cm track, a 200 cm wheelbase and a low barycentre.

The cantilevered rear engine architecture, characteristic of all HyperMec dumpers, is the ideal solution to ensure maximum safety even in full load transfers.

Taglia 60

The dumper that maximizes productivity, with a skip capacity of 3,200 litres and a capacity of 6,000 kg.
It allows to transport an exceptional amount of material at each transfer,
limiting the number of trips and allowing the site to advance quickly in the works.

The TAGLIA 60 dumper is the ideal vehicle when there is no time to waste.


Dumpers in the HyperMec range are instantly identifiable by their neat and refined design,
attention to detail and cantilevered transverse motor architecture.

Analysing the dimensions and proportions, one of the most appreciated characteristics is the compactness. In fact, it allows ease of handling in small spaces, the position of the barycentre, low from the ground and centrally between the two axles, stability, and the position of the driving seat, dominant for 360° visibility.

In everyday use, the ease of access, from both sides, the adaptability of the driving seat, the simplicity of the controls and, on each model,
there is a combination of engine and transmission that represents the state of the art of the category in terms of performance and reliability.

For the entire range of dumpers the engines are Yanmar EU Stage V, the hydrostatic transmissions are Bosch-Rexroth, Comer Industries axles,
BKT high-wet tires, and all accessories are chosen by evaluating their durability.

Over-sizing of the mechanics, simplicity of maintenance and ease of replacement of components
are fundamental requirements for dumpers designed to last for decades.




Payload3.100 kg3.100 kg3.300 kg3.300 kg5.000 kg6.000 kg
Skip stuck capacity1.300 l1.300 l1.380 l1.380 l2.200 l2.610 l
Skip heaped capacity1.690 l1.690 l1.800 l1.800 l2.500 l3.200 l
Skip water capacity855 l855 l900 l900 l1.300 l1.650 l
Unladen weight2.480 kg2.480 kg2.550 kg2.550 kg3.380 kg3.515 kg
Engine ManufacturerYanmarYanmarYanmarYanmarYanmarYanmar
Power35,5 kW @ 3.000 rpm35,5 kW @ 3.000 rpm35,5 kW @ 3.000 rpm44,0 kW @ 3.000 rpm53,7 kW @ 2.300 rpm53,7 kW @ 2.300 rpm
Transmissionhydrostatic, Rexrothhydrostatic, Rexrothhydrostatic, Rexrothhydrostatic, Rexrothhydrostatic, Rexrothhydrostatic, Rexroth
TyresMP 567 10.0/75-15.3MP 567 10.0/75-15.312-16.5 Skid Power HD12-16.5 Skid Power HDMP 567 11.5/80-15.3MP 567 12,5-18